Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Introduction

Blaine and I began talking about our hopes of adopting when we were dating, around 9 years ago.  Blaine comes from an adopted family of 4 and I have been involved in foreign mission work since I was 15; these experiences were instrumental in not only shaping our view of adoption, but also in enhancing our desire to include adoption as a part of our "family plan."  Though our desire to adopt was certain, we never went much further than dreaming that we would adopt someday in the future, after we'd had a few kids of our own.  Blaine and I got married in December of 2005 and shortly thereafter, I went back to college to pursue a degree in Elementary Education.  We decided that I would complete my degree before we started a family.  As my graduation date drew nearer, we took the plunge and began trying for a baby of our own.  Months and months went by when we realized something was wrong.  Several doctor's visits and lab tests later, we discovered that having children may not be an option for us.  We were told that it would be a long, investigatory process to identify the problem and determine if it was correctable.  I'd like to pause here....

Blaine and I were given this news 2 months ago.  What God has done in our hearts since that day is simply remarkable.  For that reason alone, I chose to create this blog.  Firstly, because I have SO much to share about what our MAGNIFICENT LORD has done, and continues to do, in my heart.  Secondly, because I want to document our journey.  I wish I had started this blog from the very beginning, simply because we've come so far in such a short amount of time.... it's ASTOUNDING! I'd like to rewind and go back to that day.  I'd like to take you down the road we've been on, as a testament to our gracious and loving God, and His POWER to transform even the darkest of night into the brightest day.

***Sharing everything we've experienced up until now would make for one ginormous post. So, for your sakes, and mine, I will split the story up into several posts. I look forward to sharing the amazing things God has done for Blaine and me. TO BE CONTINUED.....

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